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How to help your kid recover from cold faster?

It’s rainy season in Bangalore. This means it’s pretty cold here and flu is in every house. It is very difficult to keep my kid away from water and put on warm clothes for him. So every now and then he is down with a runny nose.

Here’s what I do to keep him on his feet and reduce his crankiness:

  • Keep him well hydrated: Nobody likes to drink cold and plain water in cold. The same is true with babies. So, I first boil some water, drop in a few palm candies and let it cool down, before serving the sweet water to my kid. Not only does it appeal to his taste buds, but also helps prevent congestion. Palm candy also helps the body to get rid of a cough easily.
  • Serve soups: When suffering from cold and cough the appetite to eat solid or regular food automatically goes down. However, it is very important to keep up the nutrient levels to help the body fight infections. To make up for regular food I serve him with fruity yoghurts and homemade clear soups. Some of the soups that you can easily serve your baby or kid: Pumpkin-Dal-Veg Soup, Chicken Clear Soup, Dal-ka-Paani and Vegetable-Sevai Soup.
  • Warm oil massage: Who doesn’t like a warm oil massage? Kids love them too. When your baby has a runny nose, which is also considered stage one of any cold, you can use this oil concoction to warm up your baby or kid, especially the palms of the hand and feet. Take a little of the concoction and rub vigorously to generate heat. It helps and works like a magic.


Oil Concoction: Take some mustard oil, little Kalonji and 1-2 garlic pods. Heat them together in an aluminum or steel bowl, until the Kalonji, and garlic sizzle. Allow it to cool down to a comfortable temperature. Now apply the oil and massage.


  • For a peaceful night’s sleep: Do the oil massage before dinner. Dab away the excess oil, if any, with a cotton cloth to avoid sweating. Take 2-3 drops of Zinda Tilismath on a piece of cotton cloth and let your baby inhale.

Hope this is helpful to you as well. Do let me know.


Why I got my baby a walker?

The Joy of Mobility

First, man discovered fire, and then he found wheels!… And then, he never stopped.
First, man invented fire, and then he discovered wheels!… And then, he never stopped.

For some time, we have been contemplating about buying a walker for our 8-months-old little fellow. However, the much discussed dangers and drawbacks associated with baby walkers prevented us from deciding anything.

Time passed, and my little fellow consistently refused to roll or be on his fours. He, however, loves to be on his two. The joy of doing ‘haati haati pa pa’ is a gleeful activity. After his afternoon nap, he insists to be taken out to the balcony, where he can jump up and down to his heart’s content and watch the vehicles pass by. While someone can assist him in his exploration and other physical activities, we thought we should give him a chance to explore on his own.

So, three days back, we got him a walker from the local market. In the morning we put him in the walker. At first, he wondered. Gradually, he discovered it moves if he kicked the floor. He was delighted with his new found mobility. He could now reach the sofa handle, the sliding door to the balcony, bump against the sofa and so on… Of course, someone has to be around him all the time. You should never leave a child alone. The joy of doing something on your own is unique.

I must admit though that this did not reduce his lap time in any way. After all, babies love to cuddle up and feel your warmth. 🙂

Naming my Baby


Like every new would-be parents, my husband and I were also excited about naming our baby. We spent the entire nine months looking for a good, nice-sounding, meaningful and unique name. However, when our baby finally arrived, we found ourselves most unprepared and got printed ‘baby boy’ on his birth certificate.

My husband wanted to name our baby anything that started with a ‘P’ (he called it keeping up the family tradition ;)). Coincidentally, his father, sister and he  himself  have names starting with ‘P’. So, the entire nine months he kept pestering me to look for names.
Our second challenge was, being in India, we did not know if it’s a baby boy or girl. So, like most parents, we tried stocking up a set of both.
I was secretly not happy with the whole idea though. I wanted to see my baby first and then think of a name. I guess so was my hubby, but neither of us admitted. In the meantime, everybody was busy suggesting us names. Time passed. Finally, it was the day. I still remember those beautiful dark eyes looking at me wrapped in a blue cloth, early in the morning. I could see my hubby’s face in him. Partho, later told me how I remorsefully had told him about the resemblance while still under the effect of anesthesia. How I laughed. 😀
My baby came home. A week passed. One day, Partho reminded me to look for a suitable name so that we could update his birth certificate. Un huh.. Like most parents, we wanted something very suitable. But how do you define very suitable? Hurrrmmph… My son was born early in the morning. So we started from there. We looked for names that meant rays of early morning. Came across several options, but not very impressive. I finally started looking for names of Krishna’s son. Bingo! There it was, the solution to our challenge. Arinjay is one of Krishna’s son. Why Krishna? My hubby’s name means lord Krishna. His son. So Arinjay. Now, when you replace the second ‘a’ in the name with a ‘o’, it becomes Arinjoy. Arinjoy also connotes Arin+joy = the sun’s first ray + happiness. It all fell in place. Best part – everybody in the family loved it.
Hoping my son will love it too :). Did you go through a similar situation? Do share with me. I would love to read them.