Why I got my baby a walker?

The Joy of Mobility

First, man discovered fire, and then he found wheels!… And then, he never stopped.
First, man invented fire, and then he discovered wheels!… And then, he never stopped.

For some time, we have been contemplating about buying a walker for our 8-months-old little fellow. However, the much discussed dangers and drawbacks associated with baby walkers prevented us from deciding anything.

Time passed, and my little fellow consistently refused to roll or be on his fours. He, however, loves to be on his two. The joy of doing ‘haati haati pa pa’ is a gleeful activity. After his afternoon nap, he insists to be taken out to the balcony, where he can jump up and down to his heart’s content and watch the vehicles pass by. While someone can assist him in his exploration and other physical activities, we thought we should give him a chance to explore on his own.

So, three days back, we got him a walker from the local market. In the morning we put him in the walker. At first, he wondered. Gradually, he discovered it moves if he kicked the floor. He was delighted with his new found mobility. He could now reach the sofa handle, the sliding door to the balcony, bump against the sofa and so on… Of course, someone has to be around him all the time. You should never leave a child alone. The joy of doing something on your own is unique.

I must admit though that this did not reduce his lap time in any way. After all, babies love to cuddle up and feel your warmth. 🙂


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