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Holidaying in Charismatic Coorg…

2012-11-13 12.05.11Miles long curtain of greenery, rolling slopes of coffee plantations dotted with tall silver oak trees, hugging the trees are yummy vanilla creepers. This is Coorg for you all. I had a splendid time driving through these never ending, winding and narrow roads of Coorg. Sitting on the porch of our wooden cottage, watching the thick jungle spread ahead, breathing fresh Coorgy air (and fume from mortein ;)), sipping cranberry juice, sharing stories with friends and playing scrabble…. All that was there to do… With no network on phones, it was an absolute heaven!

On the very first day, I was inducted to Coorg with two leech bites. I decided I would never step again into the thickets without proper shoes. This was followed by greetings from slugs in the bathroom the following morning. It made me realize for the first time in many years how far we have gone away from nature in the cities. So, instead of detesting it, I actually allowed them (number of slugs increased from 1 to 2 to 4) to crawl across the bathroom. We continued to coexist for the next three days without complaining.

Food was an absolute delight. I tasted pork for the first time in my life, and actually liked it. The deep burnt, peppery flavor was good. I must admit, Coorgies cook their pork better than chicken. But the best meal of our day used to be the breakfast – served with a bowl of sweet-sour jungle honey, hot bread-omlet and a Coorgy special dish served with hot sambhar was a treat for four hungry people in cold Coorgy mornings.

How I wished my treaty with Coorg would never end. But Alas! Like all good things this ended too. And now that I am back in Bangalore I cherish memories of those green, pure, fresh and delicious Coorg.


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