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Style is Important

Came across a job posting, which mentioned desired candidate should have a strong writing skill in AP style. For those, who are still wondering what AP style is, its Associated Press style guide.

It suddenly dawned upon me the importance of adhering to a particular style guide. Not because I could have applied for that job. Following an established style guide such as The Economist,  Associated Press, New York Times, and others, lend writers editorial benchmarks. While writers may have their own style of writing, which is individual to their perspective and personality; a style guide is helpful in maintaining consistency in the use of punctuations, paragraphs, abbreviations, syntax, and spellings (US/UK) in a document(s). In a way, it affects the presentation aspect of the document.

While you may be a person with an excellent flair for writing, with deep insights of your subject, know to present your thoughts interestingly, but if you want to gather a pool of good readership, it is important that you edit your writing before you post, for one last time.

Happy posting! 🙂


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